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JAV HD | [Wakana Nao] IENE-797 ( HD )

Duration: 120 min(s)

JAV HD | [Wakana Nao] IENE-797 ( HD ) ID: IENE-797 Release Date: 2017-07-20 Length: 120 min(s) Quality: HD or FHD Director: Taiga- Kosakai Maker: IE NERGY Genre(s): Solowork Big Tits Subjectivity Kimono Mourning Sister Hot Spring JAV Model: Wakana Nao Main content: JAV HD Trinh Hoang's image appears many times in the group "Vietnam's rich children". In the image of the "rich Vietnamese children", published in the famous American newspaper, the image of a sexy naked girl, relaxing in a luxurious room attracts more attention. That is Hoang Tuyet Trinh (born in 1993, Hanoi) - a name that is quite strange to young Vietnamese. It's just one of the many photos showing the rich and desirable life of the Ha Thanh girl. Facebook, as well as Instagram of JAV HD Sex Tuyet Trinh, is flooded with images of travelers to luxury yachts, luxury aircraft, check-in in flashy places. This is also not the JAV HD Online first time, the image of Tuyet Trinh appears in the group for the young upstream. A lot of photos of the junk and her footwear, handbags and designer clothing also reached the 34,000 page views. JAV HD Uncensored Snow Trinh owns the right V-line face, big round eyes and white skin. She is said to be beautiful and stylish not inferior to the Vietnamese hot girl. 24-year-old girl was born in Hanoi to a wealthy business family and now resides in the Creampie United States. She is not too surprised to see her image appeared in the group photo "Vietnam rich children" but surprised when the photo was published in the US. Like many young people JAV HD Censored, Tuyet Trinh likes to travel and save memorable moments through photos. She has explored many countries in Europe, Asia and most recently Mexico. Because the schedule is quite thick, it takes 3-4 months to travel to Trinh. However, every time she let go she enjoys the luxury services. JAV HD Streaming Born to have a spoonful of gold but Tuyet Trinh not stop that effort. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration in New York. Since his adulthood, Trinh has had a desire to own a chain of specialty beverages and desserts. With support and assistance from her family, she began her dream of opening a milk tea shop in Los Angeles. In addition, she has been online business for 5 years, making money self-sufficiency. Her current gross income is $ 7,000 per month (nearly 160 million dong). "I am fortunate to be born into a conditional family, to enjoy a full life but I have never thought of myself as rich. I am still trying and trying a lot, "Trinh shared. Given that the youth is too short, Tuyet Trinh always live and work hard every day. The point of her life is to work hard and enjoy it all.