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JAV HD | [Morikawa Anna] BLK-324 Morikawa Anna Older Sister – HD

Duration: 120 min(s)

JAV HD | [Morikawa Anna] BLK-324 Morikawa Anna Older Sister – HD
ID: BLK-324
Release Date: 2017-08-01
Length: 120 min(s)
Quality Video: HD or FHD
Maker: Kira ★ Kira
Label: Kira (hosi) Kira Black Gal
Genre(s): Older Sister Gal Big Tits Virgin Man Sun tan
JAV Model: Morikawa Anna
Main content:
JAV HD In the bikini, the beauty of South Vietnam 2017 to show off before the finale to find the throne crown prince worth 200 million.
Before the finale took place on the night of 22/7, the beauty of South Vietnam 2017 has confidently "show" the "hot" standard in "hot" in bikini JAV HD Online outfit in the pool.
Under the cool blue water, the JAV HD Streaming beauties have the ability to create a young, charming and glamorous appearance when showing off their 3 rounds to preserve the impressive moments for themselves and the "opponents" Of the contest.
The organizers of the contest said that the prizes were awarded in the final of the contest in the South of Vietnam in 2017, including: The Southern Flowers of 2017 will be rewarded with 100 million VND in cash, crown worth 200 million VND , Certificate of title, gift from the sponsor is permanently owned luxury apartment worth 2.5 billion JAV HD Censored.
Meanwhile, Asia 1 is rewarded with 70 million VND in cash, certificate of title; Asia 2 reward 50 million in cash, certificate of title.
JAV HD Sex, the Organizing Committee also handed out a number of additional awards, each with a prize of 20 million (including cash, gifts and certificates of honor) such as: Long dress, beautiful women, Beautiful people, beautiful people, beauty tourists, beautiful people are favorite (vote via SMS-PV), ...
Some beautiful people share JAV HD Uncensored, whether each other's "rivals" in the final and after choosing the throne, but to live together for a time participating in the contest is a very precious thing. It can be friendships, sisterhood, ... but all in the end is the love, meaning together. Therefore, many people have played their best, have shown their best to get a bond of love in this life.

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